Notifying an undefined client who created an incident through an email message

When an unknown user sends an email message to the application, the incident is created by using the value specified in the Client for Unidentified Sender field. You can configure the application to send an email notification to the unknown user about the creation of the incident.

The following steps provide an overview of how to configure the settings to notify an undefined client when an incident is created:

  1. Create an email service and add the EmailListener apex class. Configure an email address for this email service.
    For more information about how to create an email service, see Creating incidents and retrieving incident status through email messages.
  2. Add a custom field of type Email to the Custom Fields & Relationships section of the Incident object. For more information about adding a field, see Salesforce Help.
  3. Configure the following options in Remedyforce Administration > Configure Email > Incident - Email Settingspage:
    • In the Client for Unidentified Sender option, select a client.
    • In the Mapping Email Content to Incident Fields section, select the custom field that you created in step 2 in the Incident Field list, and select From in the Email Content list, and add the mapping.
      For more information about Incident - Email Settings page, see Settings to create incidents by using email messages.
  4. Navigate to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Email Alerts and edit the notify_client_when_incident_is_created email alert with the following changes:
    • In the Recipient Type option, select Email Field.
    • Move the newly created custom email field from the Available Recipients list to the Selected Recipients list.
      For more information about workflows, see Configuring workflows.
  5. Send an email message to the email address of the email service.
  6. Verify whether the sender of the email message receives an email notification when the incident is created.

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