Configuring the default dashboard

The dashboard allows you to view a key set of data in one place and to monitor metrics regularly. Staff members can use the dashboard to view all their work immediately when they log on to BMC Remedyforce. Additionally, their managers can view a graphical display of how many incidents are being processed, which category is generating the maximum number of incidents, and all high priority broadcasts in BMC Remedyforce.

When the system administrator logs on for the first time, the default dashboard contains the following out-of-the-box QuickViews:

  • My Work (Incident & Task)
  • Work for a specified queue

The system administrator uses the default dashboard to set up the QuickViews that appear on the dashboard of staff members when they log on. The system administrator can remove the out-of-the-box QuickViews or add more QuickViews to the default dashboard. When the system administrator saves the default dashboard, all QuickViews present on the default dashboard appear in the dashboard of staff members whenever they log on. Additionally, if the system administrator has added QuickViews to the My QuickViews folder, these QuickViews appear in the My QuickViews folder of staff members whenever they log on. For more information, see Using QuickViews on the dashboard.

To configure the default dashboard

  1. Click the Remedyforce Administration tab.
  2. On the Home page, click the Create Dashboards and Reports tile, and from the menu select Dashboards (Remedyforce).
  3. From the list of Catalog options, expand QuickViews.
  4. Click Default Dashboard.
  5. From the QuickViews folder or its subfolders, select a QuickView that you want to add to your dashboard.
  6. Click Add a QuickView from the Catalog.
    The selected QuickView appears on the dashboard.


    You can also drag the required QuickView from the QuickView folders to the dashboard. However, you cannot drag QuickViews from the All Available QuickViews folder to the My QuickViews folder or its subfolders. In addition, you cannot drag any QuickViews from the My QuickViews folder or its subfolders to the All Available QuickViews folder.

  7. Click Save.
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