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  1. Annemarie Goyvaerts

    Link "Using Remedyforce in Lightning Experience" ends up in error page (no longer exists)

    Aug 22, 2018 09:54
    1. Punam Saxena

      Hi Annemarie Goyvaerts,

      The link is corrected now.



      Sep 04, 2018 12:31
  2. Punam Saxena

    while you might be wondering, what is the connection between celestial body collision and nuclear test around various part of earth? Firstly, scientist have admit the fact that earth is experiencing major geological change, one of the vital change is that all lands of globe is shifting toward north. For instance, in 2015, the devastated earth quake in Nepal shifted Himalaya range with 30 meters to north. Every country is experiencing such shifts. And it has great impact in variation of earth rotation, technical change in gravitational field and shifts of magnetic poles of earth. To some extent, it has larger consideration of altering the inclination of earth toward sun which is around 23 degree. Recently, earth is experiencing some major astronomical change. For instance, Blue moon and super moon are common which used to be rare phenomenon. The strong arguments about current scenario, is global leaders and scientist are manipulating the natural law that governs the earth rotation and its orbit. Another undeniable solution could be time lapse theory. Firstly, possible catastrophic celestial body impact are observed through telescope and scientist estimates the collision time. On other hand, despite time lapse theory is implemented to prevent the earth from the possible collision. The question stands, is it ethical and appropriate judgment to prevent possible apophis impact of year 2029. This conspiracy is just the beginning of the rabbit hole, you might be wondering such serious accusation of global agenda must have some blue prints, framework and some esoteric proofs. You will be surprised that all the co ordinates where nuclear test performed on land or ocean is either close to the tectonic plates or in land having irregular magnetic and geological properties. For instance, few years ago, North Korea perform the nuclear test near the sea of Japan in 2016 as we all know that in 2011 the major earth quake of scale 9 was occurred. Consequently, thousand of people died and country face great economic loss. But another inevitable change that took place in geology of earth was that some amount of day time was reduced due to this earth quake. Even the geological features of Japan is critical and research has shown that earth quake in Japan effects the rotation of earth in its orbit. Such problem should be globally concerned. Apart from that, there are two main unnatural Geo Magnetic and electromagnetic Phenomenon in earth which has become mystery since decades. One is Bermuda triangle and another is Dragon triangle. People believe that these two triangle have independent Magnetic properties and history shows that many ships and planes are lost in this triangle. Another fascinating aspect of these two triangle is that Area of this two triangle are equal to each other and Bermuda triangle is located exact opposite part of earth from Dragon triangle. The origin of these two triangle aren't mentioned in any history books. As we all know that electromagnetic field of these two triangle could be manipulated through exposing frequency of different wave length of light or sound energy. Many historian , mathematician, geologist and scientist have admit the fact that this two triangle could manifest the energy. Some believe that such sacred geometrical pattern formation of spherical earth might be the imprints of our advance ancient civilization. For instance, pyramid of Giza in Egypt. However, these two triangles do possess the repulsive magnetic properties and it might repulse the comets and asteroids from suitable distance in space. you might be thinking, you heard enough, but I would like expose two main conspiracy of global agenda holographic universe and blue moon prophecy. As I have already mention some back grounds to topic of New world order. These two factor works as principle of scientific revolution but it is also the targeted accomplishment by global leaders . All the attempts to update the geological features, scientific achievements and even the latest technology are inclined to succeed the optimistic proposal . let me enlightened you with idea you have heard the rumor of another planet like earth which is Kepler 186f. Actually, I don’t have any logical explanations and list of consecutive steps and plans of the holographic universe and blue moon prophecy project. But, I am pretty sure that(Blue moon prophecy) , it is precaution strategy to prevent Apophis collision in Miami and use moon as shield. They are calculating on 13th February should be full moon and there should be blue moon on that month just above the place. This might sound like complete ideology or theology. But after observing many unnatural phenomenon regarding to light and sound in environment and sky of various part of world. For instance, in Russia, night sky suddenly changes in bright sky for few second. it shows clear evidence that our planet isn’t adapting to the magnetic shift of North pole, neither the altering gravitational field of sun and moon. Apart from that we should be proud that blue moon and supper moon astronomical events aren’t rare nowadays. Another ultimate project (Holographic universe) is just the unexpected consequence of separation of holographic energy from material world. it isn’t artificial outcome as depicted in Matrix movie rather it is the result of bending the law of physics which used to govern the natural properties of earth as sphere. it is really complicated to introduce such phenomenon , you simply need to understand change in magnetic pole also alters the matter in quantum level. and every second counts in order earth to behave properly. even the certain time is reduced but the quantum energy and the light energy coming from sun has more supreme dominance over every law. And the physical world of reduced time is manifesting the energy to create holograms. Actually it is happening in universe and kepler 186f planet is hologram of earth itself. it sounds like but after few decade it wont be secret anymore.

    Jun 27, 2021 02:27