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Use-case scenario: Creating an incident in BMC Remedyforce based on jobs in BMC Server Automation

Keith, a network administrator for LockStock, a stock broking firm, is responsible for managing a thousand servers.

Keith has set up BMC Server Automation to monitor the servers. He has created a Patching Job to analyze the configuration of target servers and determine which patches are needed. Using a component of the Patching Job, called the Patching Remediation Job, he has specified a schedule for when the patches must be deployed to the target servers that need to be patched.

Keith has set up default email notifications so that he will be alerted when the associated Patching Deploy Job completes. Keith has also set up default SNMP notifications to alert the target servers with the completion status when the Patching Deploy Job completes, so that appropriate server software can receive and interpret the SNMP messages and take appropriate action. However, not all servers include software to interpret incoming SNMP notifications, so Keith has to depend on the email notifications.

Keith signs up for BMC Remedyforce and expects to replace the email notifications with incidents through BMC Remedyforce. He wants to ensure that the existing alerts open incidents that are directly sent to the appropriate servers and support groups. The incident tracking system allows the support groups to actively and empirically monitor incidents, in addition to receiving email notifications.

Charlotte, a BMC Remedyforce administrator, helps Keith to set up the integration to create an incident in BMC Remedyforce.

  1. Charlotte creates an email listener in BMC Remedyforce and adds the EmailCreateIncident out-of-the-box Apex class to the email service.
  2. In BMC Remedyforce, Charlotte creates a template named CreateBSAIncident that contains Impact, Client ID, Category, Description, and Status fields for an incident form for creating a new incident from an email message. She follows steps 4 through 7 in Configuring BMC Server Automation to create incidents in BMC Remedyforce specifying the CreateBSAIncident template in the cloned workflow.
  3. Keith creates a job in the BMC Server Automation Console by performing the steps in Configuring jobs in BMC Server Automation Console.
  4. An email message is generated and sent to BMC Remedyforce and an incident is created in BMC Remedyforce from the email message received.
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