This documentation supports the 20.18.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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Use-case scenario: Creating an incident in BMC Remedyforce based on an event in TrueSight Operations Management

David is a system administrator in a company. He is using TrueSight Operations Management to monitor CPU usage of virtual machines (VMs). If the CPU usage exceeds 85%, an event is generated. David has integrated TrueSight Operations Management with BMC Remedyforce to create an incident when the event is generated. The event is received as an email message by BMC Remedyforce. An incident is created by using the email message. This incident is assigned to a staff user and necessary steps are taken.

To create an incident in this scenario, David must perform the following tasks:

  • Create an email service and add the GenericEmailListener Apex class to the email service in BMC Remedyforce. This task is performed in Salesforce settings (Remedyforce Administration > Configure Email > Email Services).
  • Create an event rule in TrueSight Operations Management that generates an event when the CPU usage of VMs exceeds 85%.
  • While creating the event rule, David specifies the email address configured for BMC Remedyforce in the event. The alerts that are generated for the event rule in TrueSight Operations Management are received at this email address and are used to create incidents.
  • Map the data in the alert to the fields in the Incident object. This task is performed on the Remedyforce Administration > Configure Email > Incident - Email Settings page.
    On this tab, you specify that an incident is created when BMC Remedyforce receives an email message with a specified subject. You can specify the subject in the Subject fields of event rules in TrueSight Operations Management. Next, you map the email message content to the Incident fields. You must map the EventID, Category, and Status fields. However, you can choose to map the other required fields, for example, you can save the body of the email message as the Description of the incident.
  • After the CPU usage falls below 85%, TrueSight Operations Management updates the same event with a closed status and sends an email message to BMC Remedyforce to close the incident.
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