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Enabling users to display knowledge articles based on linked accounts

You can configure the user accounts to which you want to display the knowledge article in Self Service 2.0. To control the accounts to which a knowledge article is shown, ensure that the Account Details section has been added to the Knowledge Article form.


Only system administrators and staff members with the Remedyforce Knowledge User permission set can edit the accounts to which the knowledge article is displayed.

To enable users to display knowledge articles based on linked accounts

  1. Click the Knowledge Articles tab.
  2. Click any knowledge article.
  3. Click Edit Layout.
  4. In the left column of the palette, click Visualforce Pages.
  5. Drag Account Details to your preferred location.
    You can add the Account Details section as a separate section or add it to any existing section in the Knowledge Article form.
  6. To configure the dimensions for the Account Details section, perform the following actions:
    1. In the Account Details section, click .
    2. In the Visualforce Page Properties window, in the Height (in pixels) field, enter 250.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat  step 4 to  step 7 to add the Account Details section to other knowledge article types.

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