This documentation supports the 20.18.01 version of BMC Remedyforce.

To view the latest or an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Accessing BMC Remedyforce

When you log on to BMC Remedyforce, different tabs are displayed based on your profile. You can use the tabs to perform various tasks in BMC Remedyforce. To access other tabs that are available for your profile, click the + icon.


The Getting Started tab is the default landing tab for system administrators. However, system administrators can configure another tab as the default tab based on their requirements. For more information, see Configuring the default landing tab.

The following table provides information about the tabs that are displayed by default for each profile.

Tab name

DescriptionAvailability of tab to different profiles

Staff member

Change Manager

System Administrator


Enables you to access the home page of your Salesforce organization.(tick)(tick)(tick)


Enables you to access the following dashboards, which display data in the form of charts and views:

  • BMC Remedyforce Dashboard
  • BMC Remedyforce Surveys Dashboard
  • BMC Remedyforce CMDB Dashboard
  • BMC Remedyforce Chat Dashboard

Remedyforce Console

Enables you to manage your incident, service request, task, problem, change request, release, and broadcast records from a single console. You can view a list of all existing records for a module (for example, Incidents/Service Requests or Change Requests ) within the Remedyforce Console tab. You can also create new records, view the details of existing records, and perform various actions such as closing a record and editing a record.

The Remedyforce Console tab also provides a dashboard and QuickViews that enable you to view a key set of data and monitor metrics regularly.



Enables you to access many of the collaboration features in Chatter. For more information, see the Salesforce Help.(tick)(tick)(tick)

Knowledge Articles

Enables you to create and manage knowledge articles that provide information related to incident, tasks, problems, change requests, releases, and broadcast records.(tick)(tick)(tick)


Enables you to view, edit, and export predefined reports that BMC Remedyforce provides.(tick)(tick)(tick)

Remedyforce Administration

Enables you to configure BMC Remedyforce and the Self Service module.

Not available

Not available


Remedyforce MarketplaceEnables you to access applications and services offered by partners that compliment BMC Remedyforce.Not availableNot available(tick)

Remedyforce CMDB

Enables you to view configuration items and classes, create new configuration items, and view configuration items in Configuration Items Explorer. You can collapse the left pane of the CMDB Manager, thus allowing you to see the CMDB Manager by using the full screen of the web page.(tick)(tick)(tick)
Remedyforce Service HealthEnables system administrators, change managers, or staff members to view the health of each business service at a glance. The displayed services are linked to client accounts. You can also search for services by service name.(tick)(tick)(tick)

Remedyforce Workspaces

Enables you to create clients, templates, configuration items, agreements, service outages, and request definitions.(tick)(tick)(tick)

Remedyforce Dashboard

Enables you to access out-of-the-box QuickViews and add them to your dashboard. This tab also provides the Sidebar that displays the Action Items, Broadcasts, Chatter Groups, Search, and World Time portlets. You can configure the display order of the portlets in the Sidebar and choose to hide the portlets that you do not use.

System administrators can also create custom QuickViews based on their requirements.


Remedyforce Self Service

Enables you to create service requests, search existing service requests and knowledge articles.

Need to assign

Need to assign



Enables you to view the Alignability Process Model, which illustrates how IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes map to work instructions performed in BMC Remedyforce.

Need to assign

Need to assign



If you currently use the original BMC Remedyforce pages (BMC Remedyforce Home tab), you must note that if you upgrade to BMC Remedyforce 20.14.01 or later, and then create or refresh a sandbox organization, the BMC Remedyforce Home tab and the original pages are no longer available to you. BMC recommends that you move to the Remedyforce Console tab to manage your records (incidents, tasks, problems, change requests, releases, and broadcasts) from an integrated console. For information about the key features of the Remedyforce Console tab, see Overview of the Remedyforce Console tab.

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