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Enabling encryption and viewing encryption report in Remedyforce

Before you begin

  • Platform Encryption is a part of Salesforce Shield and Salesforce Shield is an additional cost. However, you can purchase just Salesforce Platform Encryption from BMC. Please reach out to your Sales Account Manager or Business Relationship Manager for details. Note that you will still have to turn on encryption in BMC Remedyforce. After you purchase, Salesforce will enable Platform Encryption in your Salesforce organization.  
  • Submit a case to Salesforce to request the ability to encrypt managed package fields.

  • Identify the fields that you want to encrypt. For more information about what you can and cannot encrypt, see What you can and cannot encrypt.

BMC recommends that you test encryption in a sandbox before enabling and using it in your production organization.

To enable Platform Encryption support in BMC Remedyforce

  1. Go to the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > General Application Settings page and select the Support Salesforce Platform Encryption in Remedyforce check box.


    To avoid any failures, after you select this check box, the BMC Remedyforce code performs additional checks that might affect performance.

  2. Go to the Setup > Create > Objects page, and for each object whose data you want to encrypt, mark the identified fields for encryption.


If you encrypt a field, it remains encrypted even though you clear the Encrypt the data check box. To remove encryption from a field, contact support. Salesforce will run an encryption sync on your organization.

Viewing encryption report

Encryption report provides the following information:

  • Encrypted fields used in the following filter criteria:
    • QuickView filter criteria

    • Lookup filter conditions for all Console forms

    • Lookup filter conditions for Service Request input fields

  • Text Area (Rich) fields used in:
    • Request Definition input fields

The encryption report does not provide information about the filters used in the SRD Fulfilment tab, so you need to review such filters manually.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have selected the Support Salesforce Platform Encryption in Remedyforce check box on the page Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > General Application Settings > Salesforce Platform Encryption before you run the encryption report.

To generate the report

  1. Navigate to the Remedyforce Administration > Application Settings > General Application Settings page.
  2. Click Encryption Impact Report in the Salesforce Platform Encryption section. The Encryption Impact Report tab is displayed.
  3. Click Scan Now.
  4. After scanning is complete, the scan date and report link is provided.
  5. Click the Encryption Impact Report link to view the report.

The report provides the encryption details along with recommendations.

The scanning is performed in the background and the Scan Now button remains unavailable till the scanning is completed. Note that the generation of report might not be instantaneous and might take some time depending on the volume of data to be processed.

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