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Use case - Defining conditions to display a field

When you select the Conditional check box for an Input field on the Fulfillment tab of a Request Definition, you need to define the conditions to display the Input field.

For example, if the designation of a new employee is Manager or above, the IT department must know if a mobile device has to be issued. Add a check box response type with Input/Prompt as Procure mobile device and select the Conditional check box.

To define condition to display a field

  1. In the Prompt/Question Properties section, select the Conditional check box.
  2. After you select this check box, the Display if link appears.
  3. Click the Display if link.
  4. In the Input list of the Fulfillment Input Conditions window, select the Input field that you want to use to create the display condition.
    You can create conditions only for those Input fields that precede the current Input field. If you change the display order of the Input fields, the Input field used to create the condition might appear below the current Input field in Self Service. BMC recommends that you define the display order according to the conditions that you have created.
  5. In the Operator list, select a comparison operator.
  6. In the Field Value field, enter the value of the Input field.
    Depending on the Input field added to the condition, the Field Value field dynamically displays the appropriate option to enter a value. For example, if you select an Input field of the Check box Response Type, the Field Value field displays a list that allows you to select either True or False for the Input field. When you select an Input field of the Text Field Response Type, the Field Value field displays a text box that allows you to enter a description. If you use a Date or Date/Time field, you must click the Field Value arrow to open the Calendar field where you select the required date and time value. When you select an Input field of the Lookup Response Type and the lookup is to the Category field, you can select only Service Request categories in the Select From Categories window that opens when you click the Field Value field.
  7. From the Logical Operator list, select a logical operator to add another condition and click Add.
    The logical operator joins multiple conditions.
  8. Repeat step 3 through step 5 until you have added all the required conditions.
  9. To update a condition, select it, make the required changes, and click Update.
  10. To delete a condition, select it and click Delete.
  11. Click OK.


    The last condition must have NONE as the logical operator. If the logical operator is AND or OR in the last condition, you cannot close the Fulfillment Input Conditions window.

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