This documentation supports the 20.15.02 version of BMC Remedyforce.

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Creating a change request by applying a template

A change request allows you to implement a controlled process for the addition, modification, or removal of approved and supported hardware, networks, software, applications, environments, or systems. A change request records the detailed information about the change, such as the reason of the change, the rollout plan, the back-out plan, the type of change, and the change category. You can create a pre-approved change request to ensure quick implementation

To help ensure accuracy and completeness, BMC recommends that you use a template to create a record. A template ensures consistency in the way information is captured. Your administrator can define templates for common change requests.

To create a change request by applying a template

  1. Click the Remedyforce Console tab.
  2. From the View menu, select Change Requests and click New.
  3. In the Initiator ID field, click .
  4. In the Search for a user window, click the required user.
  5. In the Template field, click .


    If you have a field of type Text Area (Rich) on the form, the selected template field values are not shown on the form immediately. The fields from template are populated when you save the record.

  6. In the Templates window, select the required template.
    The values available in the template are displayed in the record. If the Urgency and Impact fields are populated from the selected template, the priority is calculated and displayed on the form only after you click Save.

  7. (Optional) Enter other details in the change request, and click Save.
    For more information, see Change Request fields.

    When a record is created, the following action is recorded in the Change Request History section that tracks the date and time when a record is created and the user details:


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