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Configuring service request information to be shown to clients

Before you begin

Create a service request definition (SRD), add fields to get more information from clients, and enable SRDs for accounts or profiles. For more information, see Creating and configuring an SRD and Configuring entitlement of SRDs.

To configure service request information to be shown to clients

  1. Click the Display Options tab of an SRD.
  2. In the Review the Service Request Information section, select the values that you want to show to clients before they submit a service request:
    • Turnaround Time
    • Price
    • Date Expected
      The service request calculates the Date Expected of the service request by adding the turnaround time of the SRD to the current date and time.
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Instructions
      The value of the User Instructions field in the Input tab is displayed.
    • Assigned To


      The Assigned To field and its value are shown in Self Service only if the service request is assigned to a staff member. If the service request is assigned to a queue, the field is not shown in Self Service.

    • Approvals
      If you select this check box, the Approval Status column in the Ticket and Requests tab in Self Service will show the approval status. 

      The client can view the current status, approvers, and the approval history of the service request. Nonportal users can view the approval history in the Approvals tab of the service request. In this tab, nonportal users can view the approver of the service request, the status of the approval, the date when the service request was submitted for approval, and the comments entered in the approval by the approver. The total number of approvals is displayed in the title of the Approvals tab. Portal users can view the approval history of the service request in the Actions Performed tab. Portal users cannot view the Approvals tab and the approver information.

  3. In the Provide Information section, select check boxes to enable the desired functionality for clients or staff members:
    • Date Required
    • Quantity
    • Attachment
    • Make Attachment Required in Self Service
  4. If you want the same Quantity and Price field configurations that you performed for clients in the preceding steps to also apply for staff members, select the Apply above Quantity and Price field settings for staff members check box. If you do not select this check box, the Quantity and Price fields are shown to staff members. 
    For instance, if you do not select the Quantity check box for clients, and you select this check box, the Quantity field is not shown to clients and staff members. 
  5. Click .

Where to go from here

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