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MVS command support

You can insert non-BCSS commands, including OS/390 console commands, in the data set for BCSS commands.

After the BCSS has completely initialized and is prepared for processing, non-BCSS commands run sequentially.

You must prefix each OS/390 command in the data set for BCSS commands with MVS. For example, to issue an MVS start command after BCSS initialization is completed, add the following command to that data set:


Subsystem naming conventions

The BMCP and BCSS subsystems use a four-character name to identify the subsystem to OS/390.

PACLOG installation uses the default names BMCP and BCSS. If either name conflicts with a non-BMC Software subsystem installed on your system, you can change that name during installation.

If you change the name of the BMCP or BCSS after the subsystem starts, you must perform an IPL.


In the command examples in this manual, bmcpId and bcssId represent the one- to four-character BMCP or BCSS subsystem ID, respectively.

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