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BMC archive history file

The BMC archive history file is a control file used by PACLOG to determine which archive logs to process. It is not intended for any direct use by the customer. The file is shared by the BMC AMI Recovery Manager for Db2 product.

The archive history file contains an entry for each archive log recorded in the BSDS. It is automatically updated and backed up by PACLOG with each PACLOG operation. The backup file name is the same as the log file name except for the first character of the suffix, which is .H instead of .A. The archive history file is not required for recovery processing.

Normally, there is no need to recover the archive history file. If the file is damaged or lost, a new one can be created by running the ALMHIST job in the .SAMP data set. To avoid processing old logs after re-creating an archive history file, update the LIMIT STARTRBA syntax option (see Global option descriptions) to reflect which logs have already been processed. This process has no impact on the usability of logs previously processed by PACLOG.

Because the archive history file is not used during recovery, its use at the disaster recovery site is limited to the processing of new logs that have been created at the recovery site. If you need an archive history file for this purpose, create it by running the ALMHIST job and coding the LIMIT STARTRBA option to reflect the RBAs of logs that you expect to create at the recovery site.

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