This documentation space contains information about PATROL Agents when deployed in a BMC Helix Operations Management environment. If you are a TrueSight Operations Management user, see PATROL Agent 23.1 Open link

Load balancing the PATROL Agent

Load balancing the PATROL Agent involves setting the agent's internal run queue and managing which applications and instances are monitored and which parameters are run. This section describes how to set the agent's internal run queue. For information about how to manage applications, see Loading and monitoring applications.

PATROL Agent's scheduling policy

The /AgentSetup/AgentTuning/runqSchedPolicy variable defines the policy used for scheduling jobs that are placed on the Main Run Queue. Combining one or more of the following scheduling criteria by forming a sum of values defines the scheduling policy.

Interval between internal processes

The /AgentSetup/AgentTuning/runqDelta configuration variable specifies the gap (in seconds) between processes in the PATROL Agent's run queue.

Increment checking of internal process interval

The /AgentSetup/AgentTuning/runqDeltaIncrement configuration variable represents the increment (in seconds) used for checking for a gap in the Main Run Queue.  This variable affects the granularity of the search for the ideal slot in which to schedule a process in the Main Run Queue.  The smaller the value, the finer the search for the perfect time to schedule a job and the greater the processing required.  Default is 2. (Must be less or equal to RunqDelta)

Maximum delay of an internal process

The /AgentSetup/AgentTuning/runqMaxDelta configuration variable specifies the maximum delay (in seconds) for a process. The runqMaxDelta represents the maximum number of seconds that a job will be delayed from its "ideal" execution time.

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