Working with DOMPLEX option sets

This section describes the DOMPLEX option sets that you use to define the Data Collector subsystems and the Db2 subsystems to be monitored.

To enter values for fields that are prefixed with a greater-than sign (>), place your cursor on the > and press Enter to 'zoom' to the entry field for that value.

You can change values in a DOMPLEX option set while Data Collectors are active. However, changes do not take effect until each Data Collector is initialized. The values in the DOMPLEX option set are saved across product sessions.

To expand a section, place the cursor on the plus sign (+) next to that section name and press Enter. To collapse the section, place the cursor on the minus sign (-) and press Enter.

If you press F1 while the cursor is positioned on an input or output field on a panel, specific information about that field is displayed. To view general information or information about a panel, use the Help menu at the top of the panel.

This section contains the following topics:

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