BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Db2  is integrated with components and products to provide additional functionality for Db2 performance analysis and management.

Several BMC AMI OpsM for Db2  windows mode views and a few full-screen displays provide direct online access to the following components and products if they are installed and active:

  • SQL Performance for DB2

  • OPERTUNE for DB2

  • BMC AMI Pool Advisor for Db2

  • BMC AMI Apptune for Db2

Except for OPERTUNE for DB2 , all of these products use the Data Collector functionality

The components and products must be installed at the appropriate release level, and must be confirmed to be in the system where the PAS and target Db2 reside. In addition to online access, the BMC AMI OpsM for Db2  provides batch reporting functions.

The Data Collector products, including the BMC AMI OpsM for Db2  - Data Collector component, support online access to remote Db2s within the same sysplex. You can hyperlink from BMC AMI OpsM for Db2  to display reports for any Db2 within the sysplex where your BMC AMI Ops  user session resides. At this time, hyperlinks to Db2s outside of that sysplex are not supported. Access to remote Db2s with BMC AMI Catalog Manager for Db2  requires Db2 DDF connections.

Online access to these components and products is also supported from Alternate Access .


The Report Manager feature that produces reports in the Data Collector supports standard terminal sizes only. If you are using a terminal emulator that allows nonstandard screen sizes, the hyperlinks to the reports will fail.

For information about installing the components, see  Installation System Open link .

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