BMC System Performance for Db2

BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Db2  is included as part of the BMC System Performance for Db2  solution (SPD). If you have this solution installed, you have access to advisor dialogs by selecting the SPD option on the BMC AMI Ops  sub-menu for Db2.


Always access SPD through the SPD option. Do not access these dialogs through the Data Collector-only CLIST DOMCLIST. Complete access to BMC AMI Ops functionality is enabled only when you enter SPD after first initializing the BMC AMI Ops environment through the BMC AMI Ops CLIST .

The SPD dialogs provide hyperlinks to reports in BMC AMI Pool Advisor for Db2  and OPERTUNE for DB2 , and to views in BMC AMI OpsM for Db2 . You can access each of these products directly, or use hyperlinks to access relevant information for each of the following topics:

  • Logs

  • Threads

  • ZPARMs

  • Page sets

  • DDF

  • Data sharing

  • I/O

  • Workloads

  • Pool management

For more information about these dialogs, see BMC AMI SQL Performance for Db2 Open link .

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