BMC AMI Catalog Manager for Db2 Browse

BMC AMI Catalog Manager for Db2  in browse-only mode is available as a component of BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Db2 .

Hyperlinks are enabled if you install this component, or if you have the full Catalog Manager  product installed.

Catalog Manager  in browse-only mode lets you browse any Db2 catalog table in local Db2s, and in remote Db2s on other LPARs if DDF connections are defined in Db2 and made known to Catalog Manager . If your site is licensed for the Catalog Manager  product, you can also access other product functions.

Hyperlinks are available in BMC AMI OpsM for Db2  views to display data from the Db2 catalog tables. You can access:

  • Full catalog lists from easy menus, for example, lists of databases, table spaces, and indexes from the EZDPS Object Menu

  • The Catalog Manager  Browse Menu, shown in the following figure, (or the full Catalog Manager  Menu) from the EZDB2 and EZDBA easy menus

DEFG-  -------------  Catalog Browser 10.01.00 Primary Menu  ----------------- 
Command ===>                                                                   
Enter object type and qualifier for an object list                             
Object type . . .                                                              
                   DB Database   TS Tablespace   PL Plan      ST Strings       
                   SG Stogroup   SU SysPrivUser  AL Alias     LO Locations     
                   TB Table      SY Synonym      US User      CK CheckConst    
                   VW View       PG Package      CO Column    PR Procedures    
                   IX Index      CI Collection   DM DBRM      XT Aux Table     
Qualifier . . . .                                                              
              Initial attach to DEFG                                           
                   Copyrights (c) 1987-2011 BMC Software, Inc.                 
                        as an unpublished licensed work.                       
                             All rights reserved.

Either from the Primary Menu or from direct hyperlinks to an object, you will be presented with an object list view. From here, you can use the S or D line commands to view detail information about that object. You can enter CMD on the COMMAND line to access a list of commands available to you. If you receive a message, enter TSO BMCMSG msgID to access information about the message.

Although the Primary Menu only shows the most frequently used object types, many others are available. Press F1 on the primary menu for a list of all objects.


Access to Catalog Manager occurs in your User Address Space (UAS). There are hyperlinks provided to access Db2s in the same LPAR as your UAS (local), as well as Db2s in other LPARs (remote). The local hyperlinks pass the target Db2 SSID so that Catalog Manager can establish an attach to that Db2, so make sure that you are not in SSI mode on the view with the hyperlink.

The remote hyperlinks pass the Db2 location so that Catalog Manager can establish an attach to a local Db2 and then connect to the remote Db2 through DDF. (Remote access requires proper setup of DDF connections.)

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