Activating optional IFCIDs for batch reporting

IFCIDS 22, 23, 24, 25, 44, 45, 63, 125, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 213-216, 226, and 227 are not started automatically by the Data Collector at initialization.

You must start these IFCIDs in the Data Collector prior to producing a report.

To activate optional IFCIDs

  1. On the BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Db2  easy menu (EZDB2), select MVDB2/DC Admin/Archive.
  2. On the DC Main Menu, select Option 1. Administration.
  3. On the Administration panel, select Option 2. DOMPLEX Option Sets.
  4. On the DOMPLEX Option Sets panel, enter E next to the appropriate DOMPLEX.
  5. On the DOMPLEX panel, move the cursor to the + sign next to DB2 Monitor List and press Enter to expand the list.
  6. Move the cursor to the + sign next to the appropriate Db2 SSID and press Enter.
  7. Move the cursor to the > sign next to DB2 IFCIDs to be traced automatically, and press Enter.
  8. Follow the instructions at the top of the panel to add, change, or delete IFCIDs, and press PF3 when done.
  9. Move the cursor back to the Db2 SSID, and press Enter to collapse the options for that SSID.
  10. Repeat Step 1 through Step 9 as needed.
  11. When all changes have been completed, press PF3 repeatedly until you return to EZDB2.

You have configured the data collector to start the selected IFCIDs automatically every time the data collector is started.

Where to go from here

You must also ensure that data classes DB2PERF and DB2AUDIT are being written to a data collector data set. For more information, see Writing DB2PERF and DB2AUDIT data classes to Data Collector data sets.

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