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Using IBM Db2 resources

BMC AMI Recover is fully compatible with IBM utilities and can rely on the same recovery resources and information during a recovery.

The Db2 resources that are used during a typical BMC AMI Recover execution include the following items:

  • Full image copy

  • Incremental copies

  • Active and archive logs

  • Log ranges that are recorded in the SYSIBM.SYSLGRNX table

  • Information that is stored in the Db2 catalog


BMC AMI Recover does not support Db2 concurrent copies.

BMC AMI Recover and BMC AMI Copy use an additional repository of information about recovery resources that are not used by the IBM Db2 RECOVER utility. These additional resources include the following items:

  • Image copies of a COPY NO index

  • Data set level image copies of nonpartitioned COPY YES indexes

  • Incremental index copies

  • Instant Snapshot image copies

  • Encrypted copies

  • Online Consistent Copies (Recovery Management for Db2 solution)

  • Cabinet copies (Recovery Management for Db2 solution)

  • Migration file

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