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Using BMC AMI Recover with R+/CHANGE ACCUM

The BMC R+/CHANGE ACCUM for Db2 product, with its ACCUM command, offers the ability to create new recovery resources called change accumulation files. When used during an BMC AMI Recover execution, change accumulation files significantly streamline normal and disaster recovery processes. R+/CHANGE ACCUM enhances the speed at which recovery processes take place by extracting in advance the log record data from the Db2 log that is required for recovery. Indexes supported with BMC AMI Copy copies and COPY YES indexes may also have log changes accumulated.

When R+/CHANGE ACCUM is available, BMC AMI Recover can process ACCUM and RECOVER command statements in the same step for maximum efficiency in log processing.

R+/CHANGE ACCUM is automatically installed with BMC AMI Recover but requires its own password for use or a Recovery Management for Db2 solution password. (R+/CHANGE ACCUM is part of the Recovery Management for Db2 solution.)

For more information about R+/CHANGE ACCUM, see the R+/CHANGE ACCUM documentation .

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