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Use of long names

BMC AMI Recover supports long names up to 128 bytes in length for the following identifiers:
  • Table names

  • Index names

  • Creator names

  • STOGROUP names

The only long names that you can use in the SYSIN file are creator names and index names. BMC AMI Recover reads the long names from SYSIN, parses them, saves them in control blocks, and displays long names in output messages. Output messages can contain long creator, index, and table names, which may cause messages to require multiple lines.

In SYSIN, long names must be in columns 1 to 72. Columns 73 to 80 are ignored. You can split long names in SYSIN across lines. If a name is split across lines, the name must continue to column 72 with no embedded spaces, and the remainder of the name must start in column 1 on the next line.

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