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The UPDATE VERSIONS option is useful if you migrate data from one Db2 system to another using BMC AMI Recover. BMC AMI Recover provides a fast way to restore a copy from the source system to the target system.

If you use BMC AMI Recover and the UPDATE VERSIONS option to perform migration, you need to:

  • Make sure that your copies contain system pages or directory pages for all versions of the space

  • Import table spaces in a separate step from rebuilding indexes
    You can recover indexes and tables spaces in the same step, but rebuilds must be in a separate step.

After recovering a versioned table space, use UPDATE VERSIONS to call one of the following utilities:

  • REPAIR VERSIONS, for IBM Db2 versions earlier than 12.1.100
  • REPAIR CATALOG, for IBM Db2 Version 12.1.100 or later

The utilities check for and correct inconsistencies between the catalog and a table space or index. The utilities update the version information in the Db2 catalog and directory so that the source and target information match.

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