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Support for Unicode names

BMC AMI Recover provides support for Unicode names as follows:
  • Unicode is not supported in the SYSIN file. However, BMC AMI Recover can process spaces that contain tables or indexes with Unicode names. (Spaces cannot contain Unicode names in Db2.) BMC AMI Recover processes spaces with STOGROUP names, index names, and index creator names in Unicode.

    BMC AMI Recover commands with wild cards do not include objects that match the pattern but contain Unicode characters that are not translatable to EBCDIC in the wild card position. This result is because SYSIN is EBCDIC and wild card processing is done in EBCDIC.

  • In output files, BMC AMI Recover displays Unicode names for index names (not index space names) or table names that do not translate to EBCDIC as a UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format, 8-bit encoding form) representation in hexadecimal delimited by angle brackets (< >).

The following figure shows an example of how BMC AMI Recover represents Unicode in SYSPRINT.

BMC40701I PHASE:  MERGE                                 
BMC40721I   PHASE INITIALIZATION:                       
BMC40303I    INDEX = RDACMC.ACP<e18699>.IN01P1<e18699>
BMC40305I         DSNUM = 1                             
. . .
BMC40702I    STEP:  MERGE SPACE                                 
BMC40738I       MERGE SPACE                                     
BMC40303I          INDEX = RDACMC.ACP<e18699>.IN01P1<e18699>
BMC40305I               DSNUM = 1

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