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Solution integration

BMC AMI Recover is a component of the BMC Recovery Management for Db2 solution. This solution integrates the features of the following BMC products and technologies:

  • BMC Recovery Management for Db2

  • BMC AMI Recover for Db2


  • BMC AMI Copy for Db2 

  • BMC AMI Log Master for Db2 with High-speed Apply Engine

  • SNAPSHOT UPGRADE FEATURE (SUF), which is a licensed component of the EXTENDED BUFFER MANAGER (XBM) for Db2 product

  • BMCSORT technology

  • Db2 Solution Common Code (SCC) technology (a set of common components that several BMC Db2 products use)

Customers who acquire this solution benefit from all features of these products and technologies, as well as additional features that are available when one Recovery Management for Db2 component can rely on the presence of all others. For more information, see the  Recovery Management for Db2 documentation .

BMC AMI Recover is also a component of the BMC Administrative Assistant for Db2 solution and the Database Administration for DB2 solution.

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