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REGION parameter

Include the REGION parameter on either your JOB statement or your EXEC statement to specify the region size (the amount of virtual storage used by the utility). For the best performance, BMC recommends that you specify REGION=0M to allocate all available virtual storage to the BMC AMI Recover job. If your data center does not permit you to specify REGION=0M, specify 8 MB to ensure adequate storage. A typical BMC AMI Recover step requires between 5 MB and 8 MB of virtual storage for code, control blocks, and I/O buffers.


If you specify a value for REGION other than 0M, ensure that you have an appropriate value set for the MEMLIMIT parameter, either as your site’s default SMF option or on your JOB statement or EXEC statement.

BMC recommends that you have a MEMLIMIT value of at least 2 GB. For more information, see Setting the MEMLIMIT parameter.

For a discussion of the virtual memory usage when many log files are read concurrently, see Does LOGSORT have other advantages or disadvantages?

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