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Recovery planning

BMC AMI Recover is a powerful tool that aids in the speedy recovery of Db2 objects, but you are still responsible for recovery planning. You should become familiar with features and options that are offered by the utility and plan recovery strategies for different situations.

The features of BMC AMI Recover have been designed with many different types of recovery situations in mind. Review all of the pertinent documentation and plan for media failures, application backouts, software failures, and other recovery scenarios that may occur.

When you are planning for recovery, consider using BMC AMI Recovery Manager for Db2 to generate JCL in advance, manage emergencies, and plan for disaster recovery.


The Recovery Management for Db2 solution integrates the features of BMC AMI Recover and BMC AMI Recovery Manager for Db2 as well as other backup and recovery products for Db2 described in Solution integration. With this solution, you can benefit from all features of these individual products and additional features that are available when one Recovery Management component can rely on the presence of all others.

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