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The RECOVER BUILDINDEX command specifies the rebuilding of one or more nonpartitioned indexes on a partitioned table space by using data sets that are created in earlier RECOVER UNLOADKEYS runs. You can include only one RECOVER BUILDINDEX command statement in the BMC AMI Recover execution; no other BMC AMI Recover command statements are allowed.


If you request simulation mode with the SIMULATE YES option, which requires a valid Recovery Management for Db2 solution password, you must use SIMRCVR BUILDINDEX rather than RECOVER BUILDINDEX.

This section describes the syntax of the RECOVER BUILDINDEX command and its options.


RECOVER BUILDINDEX ignores the MAXKSORT option and processes as if you specified MAXKSORT=1.


The following figure shows the syntax of the RECOVER BUILDINDEX command.

RECOVER BUILDINDEX option descriptions

BMC AMI Recover provides the following options for use with the RECOVER BUILDINDEX command. The options are described in the order in which they are shown in the RECOVER BUILDINDEX syntax diagram.

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