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Parallel index key sorts and multitasking index rebuilds

The following figure shows the phases that are used when you use the MAXKSORT option to specify that index key sorts are to run in parallel and that index rebuilds are multitasked.

In this example, MAXLSORT is set to 1 so that multiple log sorts and parallel MERGE phases are not used and KSORTSHARE has no effect.

For a partitioned space, BMC AMI Recover can schedule a BUILD phase for each partition of a partitioning index after the completion of the MERGE phase for the corresponding table space partition. In this case, the BUILD phase for the index partition can overlap the MERGE phase for the next partition. The BUILD phase for the partitions of a partitioned index can also be scheduled after all MERGE phases for the table space partitions have completed.

BMC AMI Recover chooses the most efficient strategy to reduce sort times and the number of bytes that are sorted. The number of BUILD phases and index key sorts that can run concurrently is equal to the value of MAXKSORT.

Sort tasks are shown as shaded boxes in the background in the following figure.

Phases used for table space recovery and parallel index sorts with multitasking index rebuilds

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