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The BMC AMI Recover for Db2 product (BMC AMI Recover) provides an alternative to the IBM Db2 RECOVER utility in many functional areas. BMC AMI Recover is a batch utility that runs outside the IBM Db2 subsystem and provides faster execution through advanced I/O techniques and the use of alternate recovery strategies. BMC AMI Recover includes the following capabilities:
  • Ability to create an image copy in parallel with the recovery

  • Ability to create SHRLEVEL REFERENCE full copies without any impact to the real spaces (OUTCOPY ONLY option)

  • Dynamic allocation of the output image copies

  • BACKOUT recovery

  • Recovery that uses Instant Snapshot copies made by the BMC AMI Copy for Db2  product (BMC AMI Copy)

  • Automatic fallback

  • Recovery simulation, when you use the Recovery Management for Db2 solution

  • Consistent recovery to any point in time without a pre-established quiesce point, when you use the Recovery Management for Db2 solution

  • The ability to recover a large number of data sets with a single data set allocation and deallocation when you use a cabinet copy, which you can create if you have a password for a supported solution

  • Recovery from a dropped table space

  • Migration of data to another subsystem


    Versioned table spaces present special problems during drop recovery or data migration. See Handling Db2 versioning information.

  • Creation of a shadow (parallel) space on the same subsystem

  • OBID translation

  • Specification of input copies

  • Overriding of log ranges

  • Conversion of database objects to new definitions with minimal outage

BMC AMI Recover also supports:

  • Data sharing

  • LARGE table spaces

  • Inline copies

  • ASCII data

  • UNICODE data

  • LOB table spaces

  • XML table spaces and index spaces (UTSs)

  • Universal table spaces

  • Clone spaces

  • Encrypted copies

BMC AMI Recover offers enhanced concurrency when accessing Db2 resources and provides additional options to improve processing efficiency. The ability of BMC AMI Recover to analyze and report planned recovery activity provides a high degree of confidence in the predictability of the recovery process.

Consequently, BMC AMI Recover gives you more robust options than IBM Db2 RECOVER for meeting aggressive customer demands for service-level agreements related to down time.

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