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OUTPUT command

The OUTPUT command specifies options that you can code for the dynamic allocation of output data sets. Options are available for disk data sets and for tape data sets.

OUTPUT syntax

The following figure shows the syntax of the OUTPUT command.

OUTPUT syntax

OUTPUT syntax—Common options

OUTPUT syntax—Disk options

OUTPUT syntax—Tape options

OUTPUT command dependencies and prohibitions

When you use an OUTPUT command in BMC AMI Recover, the following rules apply:

  • The command statement must start with the OUTPUT command followed by the name of the descriptor that you want to use to dynamically allocate your output data sets.

  • You must specify DSNAME.

  • You can specify only options that apply to the media that you use. That is, all of the options must apply either to disk data sets or to tape data sets.

  • You can have more than one OUTPUT command statement in a SYSIN data set, but each output descriptor must have a different name.

  • Options that are specific to disk data sets and those specific to tape data sets are mutually exclusive: you cannot specify disk output data sets and tape output data sets in the same OUTPUT command statement. To specify disk and tape output data sets in the same SYSIN data set, you must use one OUTPUT command statement for the disk data sets and another for the tape data sets. The names of the descriptors must be different.

For more information, see Dynamic allocation output image copy data sets.

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