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Multiple table space recovery and index rebuilds

The following figure shows the phases that are used when multiple table spaces are being recovered and the associated indexes are being rebuilt and output copies are requested.

In this example, MAXLSORT is set to 1 so that multiple log sorts and parallel MERGE phases are not used. Log records are selected and sorted for all table spaces during the LOG INPUT phase and then are merged with the image copies of the table spaces during each MERGE phase. Index keys are also extracted during the MERGE phase and are passed directly to the sort routine. When the MERGE phase for a table space is complete, the BUILD phase constructs the indexes by using the sorted keys. The MERGE and BUILD phases repeat for each table space until all table spaces are recovered and all indexes are rebuilt. Sort tasks for log records and index keys are managed by the appropriate phases and depend on the options selected. Sort tasks are shown as shaded boxes in the background in the following figure.

Phases used for table space recovery with indexes rebuilt

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