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This space provides the same content as before, but the organization of the home page has changed. The content is now organized based on logical branches instead of legacy book titles. We hope that the new structure will help you quickly find the content that you need.

About this space

This space contains information about the associated product or solution. This topic describes the special conventions that apply to this space.

SPE-specific content

small programming enhancement (SPE) is a package of one or more PTFs that you apply to implement enhancements and fixes. We periodically release SPEs, which we announce in technical bulletins. This topic describes how we document SPE-specific content in our product documentation spaces.


SPE names take the following format: SPEyymm. For example, SPE2010 refers to the SPE released in October 2020.

Identifying new or changed content for an SPE

Content within a topic that is added or updated for an SPE is indicated by a hyperlink to the technical bulletin that announced the SPE. For example: 

If an entire topic or section within a topic is new for an SPE, the hyperlink appears at the beginning of the topic or the section. For example:


Syntax diagrams and interface panels are always current up to and including the latest SPE.

Finding topics with changes for an SPE

To see a list of new or changed topics for an SPE, search for SPEnumber from any page in this space, where number represents the SPE number.

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