Working with views using Open schema

Open schema gives you access to the reporting data generated from TrueSight Network Automation. You can integrate the data with any reporting solution already in use in your organization (for example, Tableau, Crystal Reports, and so on) to generate customized reports. 

The following views are available for the TrueSight Network Automation - Data Warehouse schema:


  • BMC recommends that you do not make changes in the existing schema/view. If you need to modify the view, you should use a copy of the original view for the modifications.

  • BMC recommends that you apply appropriate filters (such as REPORT_BY_NAME, REPORT_BY_VALUE, or SITE_NAME) while querying the views. You can also apply other filters based on your requirements. Filtering the data improves performance by decreasing the amount of data being fetched, thereby minimizing the time required to process the views.
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