Working with logs

The following table lists the log files for TrueSight Network Automation Reporting.

Log FileDescription
<TSNADW_INSTALL_DIR>\logs\tsnadw_install_log_<date>-<time>.txtContains the logs for all installation-related activities

Contains the logs for all ETL-related activities, and execution of the add_dynamic_prop_tsk task


Contains logs for any operations that are performed in the TrueSight Network Automation - Data Warehouse console. It also contains API-related logs.

<TSNADW_INSTALL_DIR>\logs\sitemanager.logContains the logs for the operations performed using the Site Manager
<TSNADW_INSTALL_DIR>\logs\update_custom_property\<date_timestamp>\processDynamicColumnOutputRequest.txtContains the logs for a dynamic field addition operation
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