Getting the latest views in TrueSight Smart Reporting

When you import the latest content of your component in TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform, the existing out-of-the box reporting content is replaced by the latest content. The customized reports are not replaced, and remain unchanged.

Important: For TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform 20.02, apply hotfix first.

If you are using TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform 20.02, ensure that you apply the hotfix before updating the content. For more information, see Technical bulletin — Announcing hotfix .

  1. Ensure that the <TSNADW_INSTAll_DIR>\public\bds-di\model\19.11.1\reports directory contains the following files:

    • Action Activity.yfx

    • ChangeTrackingAndSourceOfChange.yfx

    • Compliance.yfx

    • Configuration Drift.yfx

    • Inventory.yfx

    • JobUserEvents.yfx

    • Key Performance Indicator.yfx

  2. Use the following URL to open the TrueSight Smart Reporting login page:
    https://<TrueSight Smart Reporting hostName>:portNumber/tsr

  3. In the Log in as list, select TrueSight Smart Reporting - Admin.
  4. In the User Name and Password fields, enter the TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform administrator credentials.


    Starting from version 20.02, the administrator for Smart Reporting - Platform is named as tsradmin.

  5. On the Components page, click the Update Content icon  for TrueSight Network Automation - Data Warehouse.
  6. In the Update Content window, click Yes. A success message appears when the content is updated.

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