TrueSight Network Automation Reporting is a web-based reporting solution that uses the following servers:

  • TrueSight Network Automation - Data Warehouse application server
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform server

The following diagram displays a typical deployment of Network Automation Reporting. The dataflow is explained besides the entities in the diagram.

A typical deployment of Network Automation Reporting consists of the following components:

Application server

The Network Automation Reporting application server is hosted on a Microsoft Windows OS, and runs as a single Java process that includes a web server. The application server handles all data warehouse processing. Network Automation - Data Warehouse can be located on the same server as TrueSight Network Automation. However, BMC recommends that you install the two products on separate computers to improve performance. When you log on to the application server, it connects to the Network Automation server for authentication and authorization. 

ETL engine

The in-built extract, transform, and load (ETL) engine transfers and transforms data from the Network Automation sites and populates the data warehouse database. Network Automation Reporting deployments can be local (single site) or centralized (multi-site). In a single-site deployment, data comes from a single Network Automation site, and the reports data warehouse is populated through ETL. In a multi-site deployment, data comes from more than one Network Automation site, and the reports data warehouse is populated through ETL.

TrueSight Smart Reporting- Platform server

Network Automation Reporting uses an instance of Smart Reporting - Platform server, which resides on a different server in the deployment. TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform is a web-based reporting platform that provides reporting capabilities for your servers. The Network Automation Reporting application server connects to the Smart Reporting - Platform server for report configuration tasks.

Warehouse database

The Network Automation Reporting supports PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server as databases.

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  1. Anirudh Paul

    Hi Sulekha,

    Can we get the port numbers embedded into the architecture diagram ?


    Aug 19, 2020 07:35
    1. Sulekha Gulati

      Hi Anirudh Paul, we don't usually embed the port numbers in an architecture diagram. I have modified the Port requirements topic for the inbound and outbound flows though. Take a look at the topic and see if that serves the purpose.

      Oct 27, 2020 02:26