19.11 features

TrueSight Network Automation Reporting is a reporting solution for TrueSight Network Automation. The reporting solution uses the following products:

  • TrueSight Network Automation - Data Warehouse — A component of TrueSight Network Automation that works as the ETL engine and the data warehouse. This product also provides out-of-the-box reporting content.
    You can use Open schema provided by TrueSight Network Automation - Data Warehouse to integrate data with any reporting solution already in use in your organization (for example, Tableau, Crystal Reports, and so on) to generate customized reports.
  • TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform — A reporting platform that enables you to administer, create, and publish reports seamlessly. You can use simple drag-and-drop actions to create complex reports. It offers an enhanced, user-friendly look to your reports.

This topic contains an overview of the features in version 19.11 of TrueSight Network Automation Reporting.

Out-of-the-box reports

This version of Network Automation Reporting offers the following out-of-the-box reports. You can use these reports as is or customize them according to your requirements.

The following figure shows a sample, out-of-the-box Device Compliance Summary report.

Custom reports

If you do not want to use out-of-the-box reports, create your own custom reports. You can compare and analyze reports by using filters, summaries, and calculations, and change the appearance of the reports.

By default, Network Automation Reporting stores a particular set of attributes for the devices and rules that are available in Network Automation. However, you can store additional attributes for these devices and rules in custom fields by using the dynamic fields feature of Network Automation. You can add any number of custom fields, and then use them to filter report content or display them as content in reports. For instructions on adding dynamic fields, see Adding dynamic fields to the data warehouse.

Using reports

Network Automation Reporting enables you to:

  • Export reports in the following formats: CSV, DOC, PDF, RTF, Text, XLS. You can also print your reports.
  • Share reports with others on an ad-hoc basis. You can send a report through email or embed a report into an HTML, Wiki, or a blog page.

  • Broadcast reports. You can send a report to one or more users based on a defined schedule and set of rules.

  • Schedule reports and share them through FTP. You can select the format for the report and schedule it to be sent to an FTP location.

  • Import and export your report models and views. You can migrate your content between multiple instances, for example, from the QA to the Production instance.

For more information, see Using.

Viewing the ETL status

Network Automation Reporting provides a built-in, Java-based engine to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from the Network Automation operational database to the warehouse database.

A user-friendly console in Network Automation Reporting enables you to view the ETL status. Through this console, you can view the summary of all ETL runs on a single page. You can drill-down further to see the status of an individual ETL run. For more information, see Viewing the ETL status.

Supported products

Supported version of TrueSight Network Automation

Version 19.11 of Network Automation - Data Warehouse is supported with version of TrueSight Network Automation. For details, see, TrueSight Network Automation requirements.

Supported version of TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform

Version 19.11 of Network Automation - Data Warehouse is supported with version 19.3 of TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform.

Third-party software versions

Version 19.11 of Network Automation - Data Warehouse is bundled with the following third-party software:

  • AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.4
  • Apache Tomcat web server 9.0.22
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