Perform the steps in the following figure to plan, install, and configure TrueSight Network Automation: 


The following table describes the process for installing TrueSight Network Automation, and provides links to the applicable topics:

Installing task
For more information
Plan the deploymentPlanning

Review the following topics to plan your deployment:

  1. Sizing and scalability considerations
  2. System requirements

  3. License entitlements

Prepare your environment for installation Preparing for installation

Review the topics in this section to:

  4. Download the installation files  .

  5. Review the known and corrected issues .

  6. Set up the installation environment .

Install Network Automation by using the GUI

Performing the installation 7. Review the topics in this section to install the product and optional components on Windows or Lunux:
Verify that the installation is installed successfully Verifying the installation

8. Review the topics in this section to ensure that the installation is successful:

Perform post-installation configuration tasks

Configuring after installation

9. Review the topics in this section to configure system-wide attributes, network spans, and so on.

Related topics

Troubleshooting the installation, migration, or upgrade

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