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This space provides the same content as before, but the organization of the home page has changed. To help you quickly find the content that you need, topics are now organized based on logical branches instead of legacy book titles

Overview of MainView for MQ

You can use MainView for MQ to accomplish the following tasks:
  • monitor queue managers, queues, and channels, and assess their status

  • assess relationships between MainView for MQ objects

  • maximize message distribution

  • view message content, type, and storage requirements

  • modify attribute values for one or more queue managers and most of their objects

  • view, delete, or requeue messages on a queue (MVS queue managers and queue managers that are managed by a Power Module for MQ)

EZMQS is the primary menu from which you can select MainView for MQ views. Each view that is accessible from the menu is the first in a series of views that focus on a specific aspect of IBM MQ operation and performance. Position the cursor below highlighted text, and press Enter to hyperlink to a view or related services. Following is the example of EZMQS. Following is an example of EZMQS.

 W1 =EZMQS=============CSQ4=====*========11APR2018==01:11:33====MVMQS====D====1============
                               Queue Manager Menu                                          
     Qmgr Target Name --->  CSQ4     Version --->800                                       
    Queue Manager Views     +----------------------+    Tools and Menus                    
  . Queue Manager Details   |   Place cursor on    |  > Change Context                     
  . Queue Manager Health    |    menu item and     |  > Select View                        
  . Connections             |     press ENTER      |  . Queue Manager Profile              
  > MVS Only Resources      +----------------------+  . Audit and Message Log              
  > Publish/Subscribe                                 . Field Index                        
    Channels                  Topology                > PAS Information                    
  . Current Channels        . Topology Overview       > Administration                     
  > Channel Definition      . Topology Exceptions     > Metrics Information                
  > AuthInfo    . ChlAuth                                                                  
    Queue Views               MQ Extensions Views       Clusters                           
  > Queue Information       . WS MQ API Trace         . Clusters Overview                  
  > MQ Workflow Views       > Statistics Views        . Clusters Qmgrs                     
  > Namelist Overview                                                                      
  . Queue Usage               Events & Processes                                           
  > Queue Status            . Event Summary           . What's New?                        
                            . Event List              . Return ....                        
                            > Process Definition                                           

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