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Establishing queue managers

This section provides a scenario of the types of queue managers that you might be working with in your MainView for MQ environment.

The following figure illustrates the three ways that MainView for MQ uses queue managers, and the information that follows the figure describes the steps that need to be taken to define object types.

Example of a MainView for MQ environment



In Example A, messages are sent between the BBISS1 subsystem and the CSQ2 local queue.


In Example A, messages are sent between the BBISS1 subsystem and the queue manager on a non-MVS system by way of a local proxy queue manager (CSQ1).


In Example B, a TCP/IP connection is used to allow BBISS2 to exchange messages with PAYROLL.TEST.QM, which resides on a non-MVS system. A Node Manager must be installed and running on the non-MVS system.

The following procedure describes how to define queue manager targets and profiles for the environment that is shown in Figure 1. Review this procedure to become familiar with the process of adding and altering the different kinds of queue managers.

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