Creating user-specified suffixes for queue manager profiles

BBSTQM00 is the default queue manager profile member.

By using the BBSTQM= parameter in the BBCFG parameter member, you can create suffixes to allow user-specified QMPROF definitions.

To create a user-specified suffix for end-user QMPROF definition

  1. Copy BBSTQM00 from the distributed BBPARM as BBSTQM with the suffix of your choice; for example, BBSTQM05.
  2. Code BBSTQM=05 in the BBCFG parameter member.
    • If BBSTQM05 exists, BBSTQM05 is used.

    • If BBSTQM=05 parameter is coded or BBSTQM05 does not already exist, default entries are used.

    Default values are

    • ???? is for MVS

    • * is for proxy


    ?? in the header indicates default entries are used.

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