Using the auto maintenance facility

The auto maintenance facility provides INIT and TERM functions that refresh MainView for CICS modules without affecting CICS itself.

The INIT and TERM functions can be initiated through commands or at BBI-SS PAS initialization and termination.


If the following module is modified by maintenance or a new release of MainView for CICS, target CICS systems will need to be restarted:

  • OLTFSET, which processes the INIT and TERM functions. This module must remain in the system since it cannot refresh itself.

If the module is changed by a PTF, the PTF will contain an ACTION ++HOLD statement indicating that the CICS system must be restarted to implement the maintenance.

If the module is changed in a new release, the Release Notes will indicate that CICS systems must be restarted to implement the new release.

The TERM function terminates all active MainView for CICS and MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS functions and removes those MainView for CICS resources in CICS that were created by the INIT function. The TERM function stores the MainView processing environment in a status record and writes it to a CICS temporary storage queue (as described in CICS temporary storage and enqueue name conflicts).

The INIT function re-creates all resources and restarts all functions according to the status record. The only exception is if the TERM function is issued when the CICS target is not connected to a BBI-SS PAS. When no PAS connection is in effect, no agents are active. Consequently, the subsequent INIT function initiates agents based on the settings in CMRSOPT and not based on the TSQ status record indicators.

For additional information, see the following sections:

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