Using static BBIJNT00 entries

JNT entries that are created from elements defined in BBPARM member BBIJNT00 are considered static definitions.

They are created when the BBI-SS PAS initializes and cannot be removed or modified for the life of the BBI-SS PAS. These entries override any of the dynamic types of JNT entries.

These elements should only be used to define CICS targets when the relationship between the CICS and the BBI-SS PAS being used to manage it does not change. This is because changing this relationship requires modification of the BBIJNT00 member on each BBI-SS PAS in the PAS-PLEX and restarting them.

For more Information about creating BBIJNT00 elements, see Define BBI-SS PAS Suffixes and Target System Parameters in the MainView Customization Reference.

Special considerations

Do not create a BBIJNT00 definition that uses an ALIAS for the name of another CICS JOB or STC.

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