Using automation to start detail traces

This feature is available only with the BMC MainView for CICS Management solution.

The BMC MainView for CICS Management solution supports using MainView AutoOPERATOR to intercept messages for tasks that exceed performance thresholds and start detail traces against the running task. To do this, use the IMFC SET REQ=ATRAC command in a MainView AutoOPERATOR  EXEC. The syntax for the command is as follows:

SET REQ=ATRAC TYPE=D,CICSTASK=taskid T='description' . . .


taskid is the 1 to 5-byte task number to be traced.

The task ID will be left-filled with zeros and used to generate the trace ID automatically. The generated trace IDs will be in the form adt12345.

The BBSAMP data set contains a sample Rule and EXEC that you can use to implementing this feature. For more information, see Sample members for MainView AutoOPERATOR and MainView for CICS.

You can find additional information about starting and using detail traces for running tasks in the section Application trace views in the MainView for CICS Online Services Reference Manual.

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