Temporary storage queue conflicts

MainView for CICS creates two temporary storage queues in CICS. The prefix of the names of these queues might conflict with names of existing queues in your CICS environments.

  • Temporary Storage queue prefix CMRI:

    MainView for CICS issues EXEC CICS STARTs of its own transactions to process action commands that are issued by users. The EXEC CICS START is issued with the REQID parameter that requests CICS to create a temporary storage queue with a prefix of CMRI.

  • Temporary Storage queue prefix BMCMVCTQ:

    MainView for CICS creates a temporary storage queue named BMCMVCTQ, which MainView for CICS uses to save status information across terminations and initialization of MainView for CICS.

    The BMCMVCTQ temporary storage queue must be unique to each target CICS. The queue exists after the first TERM process in the target CICS, and it contains only one record at any given time. The INIT process reads the TS queue record and initializes the MainView for CICS agents based on their recorded status. Subsequent TERM processes in the target CICS will delete the queue and create a new queue. The queue remains in the system until CICS is recycled.

    The BMCMVCTQ temporary storage queue name has the target CICS APPLID appended to it to make the TS queue for each target CICS more unique.

    MainView for CICS must control creating the TS queue and the queue can not be included in a shared pool. MainView for CICS creates a MAIN storage local TS queue with no expiration interval. The queue is not shared, is non-recoverable, and is not remote. When CICS terminates, the TS queue is deleted. The TS queue must not be preserved across a CICS restart.

If the above temporary storage queue is not under BMC control because of a TS model and the TS model does not have the above attributes (local MAIN, no expiration interval, not shared, non-recoverable, and not remote), unpredictable result can occur. The system will attempt to use the temporary storage queue as it is defined. Any problems that may arise while using the temporary storage queue will issue messages FT901, FT902 or FT932 and MainView for CICS will proceed initialization with what is specified in CMRSOPT and not what was active before a TERM.

If you issue the CEMT INQUIRE TSMODEL(*) command and see a model definition that is created without the required attributes (local MAIN, no expiration interval, not shared, non-recoverable, and not remote) activated and a PREFIX defined that will include the MainView for CICS temporary storage queue names, refer to CICS temporary storage and enqueue name conflicts. This appendix explains how to apply a ZAP that changes the prefix of the MainView for CICS temporary storage queue names.

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