Step 9: Modify the BBI-SS PAS JCL

The external CICS interface modules (EXCI) are supplied in the CICS data set SDFHEXCI. The SDFHEXCI data set must be available to the MainView for CICS and MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS BBI-SS PAS.
  1. The BBI-SS PAS can access only the modules in SDFHEXCI through either the LINKLIST or the PAS STEPLIB.

    The BBI-SS PAS cannot access the modules from any other libraries, including DFHLPA. If the SDFHEXCI data set is not defined to the system LINKLIST, add it with a DD statement in the STEPLIB concatenation for the BBI-SS PAS. The data set must be APF authorized.

    EXCI is downward compatible and IBM recommends that the highest level available should be used. For example, if you are running a CICS 4.1.0 and a CICS 5.1.0 system that both communicate with the BBI-SS PAS, the JCL update might look like this:

  2. The external CICS interface uses SYSMDUMP for some error conditions and BMC Software recommends that you include a SYSMDUMP DD statement in the BBI-SS PAS start up JCL.

    An example follows:


    If you start the BBI-SS PAS before JES, ensure that you add the DD statement for SYSMDUMP to the list of data sets that must point to real data sets and enter the SYSMDUMP statement as follows:

    //SYSMDUMP DD DISP=SHR,DSN=sysmdump.dataset,VOLSER=....,UNIT=....
  3. The REGION parameter must specify a region large enough to accommodate the internal trace table that is specified by the TRACESZE parameter (default 16K) in the DFHXCOPT macro, EXCI options table.

    Refer to the CICS External Interfaces Guide for more information.

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