Setting problem thresholds (CMRPRBT)

The problem threshold table, CMRPRBT, has entries that consist of a message number followed by the thresholds that trigger the display of that message.

The threshold table is used by the:

  • CREGPRB view

    Every time you press Enter in the CREGPRB view, the thresholds in the table are checked and messages that exceed the thresholds are displayed. The CREGPRB view does not check thresholds for messages FT542 through FT547 and FT605 through FT614. These messages are used by other monitors.
  • MainView for CICS monitors, such as @PRBn and @TSKn

    The @PRBn monitors only use the thresholds in the problem threshold table. Other monitors, such as @TSKn, only use the severe threshold if the WVAL keyword is not specified. An active monitor that uses the table checks the thresholds for its associated message and issues the message to the journal log when a threshold is exceeded. For information about the relationship between messages, monitors, and WVAL, see 'Keyword parameters' in the MainView for CICS Monitors Guide.

The CMRPRBT table is maintained as an administrative function from the CMRPRBT view. The data is stored in BBPARM member CMRPRBxx. To use the administrative function, you must first use the CMRPRBT view to add the first table to BBIPARM.


For information about using CMRPRBT, see CMRPRBT view.

The message format in CMRPRBxx is:

message_ID=(informationl_threshold, warning_threshold, severe_threshold)

For example, the definition for message FT041 could be:

FT041=(32, 100, 200)

When a target CICS connects to the BBI-SS PAS, the CMRPRBT table is loaded into ECSA. MainView for CICS looks for CMRPRBT in the following sequence:

  • attempts to locate a CMRPRBxx member in the BBI-SS PAS BBIPARM concatenation; if one is found, it is used 
    CMRPRB00 is the default member name. The BBCFG facility can be used to specify a different suffix, as described in the MainView Customization Reference.
  • attempts to load module CMRPRBT (default location is in BBLINK)

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