Resource descriptions and conflicts

This section describes the transactions and programs that are used by MainView for CICS and MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS. It also includes zaps that can be used in the case of name conflicts.

Common transactions

Tran ID



is started by the CICS External Interface on behalf of a request from the BBI-SS

This transaction is not created dynamically.


controls the communications, the data collection and other agent functions within the CICS

For more information about the available functions, see FST2 transaction.

The FST2 transaction is not created dynamically.


All activate functions will start BBI-SS communications if not already started.


performs an action request that uses CICS services for completion

It is scheduled once for each request to ensure proper serialization.


monitors the status of the BBI-SS PAS and starts transaction FCD2 when CICS action requests are processed

JNL2 is always shown as active on the TASK display, but most of that time is spent waiting (user ECB). When JNL2 starts, it remains active because it must be present in the system at all times after communication with the BBI-SS PAS is established. JNL2 is assigned a very high internal dispatching priority.


allows manual starting of communications and data collection components

It also allows manual stopping of data collection. Communications, however, remain active once started. It schedules FST2 (FST2 QON, FST2 QOFF) to perform a service and reports on the status of the components.

MainView for CICS transactions

Tran ID



For CICS 4.1 and later, the long-running transaction BCRT processes GET and SET requests that require CICS SPI commands to collect data and process modifications. For CICS Transaction Server 2. x and later, it also manages, on an interval basis, the queues that control the allocation and reuse of the MainView for CICS TIE (Task Interface Element) space that is used by the data extractor.

For user security purposes and other monitoring exits, BCRT should be managed like transaction JNL2.


captures and records MainView for CICS statistical data

FIC2 runs once each minute unless specified not to run by the FIC2=NO option in CMRSOPnn. FIC2 will not run in a CPSM CMAS or WUI region, no matter what is specified in CMRSOPnn.

MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS transaction

Tran ID



routes messages to terminals through BMS for MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS message broadcast

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