Providing a BBI-SS PAS directive to a target CICS region

When using static elements from the BBIJNT00 member or dynamic target definitions, you must identify the BBI-SS PAS for the target CICS region.

When using the AutoConnect facility, you can also identify the preferred BBI-SS PAS to the target CICS region. This process is referred to as providing a BBI-SS PAS directive to the CICS region. You can provide the BBI-SS PAS directive in one of two ways:

  • Specify the system initialization (SIT) parameter INITPARM either in the SIT itself or in the CICS region's startup JCL. For example, you could specify the following value as a SIT override:


    and define subsys as the subsystem identifier for the PAS.


    The SUBSYS parameter must be enclosed in double-single quotation marks (two single quotation marks at the beginning and end of the SUBSYS parameter) if specified in the PARM statement in the CICS JCL.

  • Add BBIPARM DD in CICS JCL to point to the UBBPARM data set, and add a TARGET statement to one of these UBBPARM members:

UBBPARM member



This member can contain TARGET statements for CICS regions. The format of TARGET statements is the same as the TARGET statements in BBIJNT00.The connection facility on the CICS region scans the member during initialization. The BBI-SS PAS does not process BMCICS00.

This member should be used for dynamic targets, mixed static and dynamic targets, and AutoConnect environments.


This member can contain TARGET statements for both CICS regions and the BBI-SS PAS. Targets defined in BBIJNT00 are considered static definitions; they override dynamic target definitions for CICS regions with the same name.

This member should be used for static targets.

The search order that is used by the CICS region in determining its proper BBI-SS PAS directive is:

  1. INITPARM value in CICS SIT overrides

  2. Entry in BMCICS00 in UBBPARM

  3. Entry in BBIJNT00 in UBBPARM

After a BMCICS00 member is found in the BBIPARM concatenation of the CICS region, the MainView for CICS agent will only look within the BMCICS00 member for target statements. It will not look at BBIJNT00 even if a target is not found in the BMCICS00 member. If you have mixed static and dynamic targets, define the static targets in this member also.

To change the BBI-SS PAS that monitors the CICS region, change the subsystem specified on the INITPARM or TARGET statement and restart the CICS region. Also restart the BBI-SS PAS if a static target is used.

The following example shows BBIPARM DD in CICS JCL:


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